UKZN DVC Prof. Jaganyi Visited JAAS
A delegation from the University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN) of South Africa, headed by Prof. Jaganyi, Deputy Vice Chancellor of UKZN, visited JAAS from Nov 28 to Dec 1 for reviewing the collaboration progress and discussing future collaboration plans.

On the morning of Nov 29, JAAS held a welcome meeting for the UKZN delegation. President Prof. Zhongyi Yi gave a welcome speech at the meeting, which was hosted by Vice President Prof. Xianjin Liu and participated by persons in charge of related departments and co-supervisors for the UKZN-JAAS joint doctoral program.

President Yi extended a warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of JAAS, gave a general introduction of JAAS and the international exchanges and cooperation activities as well, and suggested that the two parties, on top of the on-going collaborations, work together to diversify and expand the bilateral cooperation, and thus have a more fruitful partnership. DVC Prof. Jaganyi expressed his great thanks for the hospitality of JAAS, briefed the general information of UKZN, mentioned particularly that among UKZN’s 100 and more international partners, the cooperation with JAAS had been the most fruitful one, and hoped that their visit this time would push the bilateral cooperation to a new stage. On behalf of UKZN, Prof. Jananyi presented the Letter of Appointment to all the JAAS-based co-supervisors for visiting professorship.

In the following exchanges and discussions, the two parties reviewed the mutual visits since 2013 and the collaborative activities carried out under the MOU signed in 2014, discussed and agreed upon issues concerning continuing the joint doctoral program, initiating the joint post-doc program, expanding pool of research units and areas involved, and enhancing staff mobility.

During the visit, the delegation also visited the Institute of Food Crops, the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment, and the Institute of Food Safety and Quality for the doctoral candidates’ research progress report and more discussions with JAAS co-supervisors. 



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