Dr. Naroon Waramit of the Kasetsart University in Thailand Visited JAAS
To carry out the Sino-Thailand Exchange Program sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, a Kasetsart University delegation of 6, including Dr. Naroon Waramit (Acting Assistant to the President) and Prof. Peerasak Srinives, visited JAAS from Oct 26 to 30.
Vice President Prof. Xianjin Liu had a working meeting with the delegation and the two sides agreed on the detailed plan of joint recruitment program for doctoral candidates and the expansion of areas of cooperation.
During the visit, the delegation had intensive exchanges with the legume research team of the Institute of Vegetable Crops. The two sides had agreed to work together on the whole genome resequencing of mung bean, joint recruitment of doctoral candidates and publication of high-quality academic papers. In addition, the delegation also met and discussed with the forage research team of the Institute of Animal Science and visited the research fields.
During the visit, Prof. Peerasak Srinives attended the final evaluation meeting for the jointly recruited post-doc research fellows. And the delegation also toured around the labs at JAAS and spoke highly of the advanced equipment.

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