An Academic Visit to JAAS by Prof. Girdhar K. Pandey from the University of Deli
At the invitation of the Institute of Agro-Biotechnology, Prof. Girdhar K. Pandey from the Department of Plant Molecular Biology of the University of Deli in India paid an academic visit to JAAS and made a presentation entitled “New insights of oxidative stress responses in Plant: Story of a Ca 2+ modulated kinase and mitochondrial gatekeeper module” on the afternoon of Jan 11 of 2017. After the presentation, Prof. Pandey had intensive exchanges and discussions with the attendees who expressed that the presentation had opened their eyes and set a good example for their research work, and some of the research results had provided new insights into their future research.
Prof. Pandey is an internationally known expert in the field of plant calcium signal, mainly researching on molecular mechanism of Arabidopsis and main crops under salt tolerance. He has published 54 papers on international journals, such as Scientific Reports, Critical Review in Biotechnology, Plant Physiol, Cell Calcium, DNA Research, FEBS Journal, PLoS ONE, Mol. Plant, PNAS, Plant Cell, J. Bio. Chem, Eur. J. Biochem, Plant Science etc.


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