Premier E.S.Magashule of Free State(Province), South Africa led a delegation to
Headed by Premier E.S.Magashule, a delegation of 24 government officials of Free State(Province), South Africa visited JAAS on May 15, 2017. JAAS President Yi Zhongyi attended the reception and extended warm welcome to the delegation.
After the welcome speech, President Yi briefed the delegation on JAAS research areas and international cooperation. Vice President Liu Xianjin detailed the cooperation between JAAS and University of KwaZulu-Natal(South Africa). After a brief introduction of Free State(FS), Premier Magashule proclaimed that, FS is in urgent need of advanced agricultural technology from JAAS, especially in agricultural products processing. He also expressed a strong wish to cooperate with JAAS in joint research and academic exchange. President Yi pointed out that, as Free State Province and Jiangsu Province officially entered into friendship in 2000, JAAS should take the initative to reinforce bilateral friendship. To be more speficifc, JAAS hoped to carry cooperation with FS in the following four areas:
     First, arrange regular visit, especially for docs, post-docs and researchers;
     Second, exchange expertise in new varieties breeding and cutting-edge technology;
     Third, carry out joint research with FS in relevant areas;
     Fourth, provide technical support for enterprises from South Africa.
After the meeting, both sides signed Memorandum of Understanding(MOU). The delegation also had a guided tour to the labs of the Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition of JAAS. 


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